Arabic For Non-Arabic Speakers (ANAS) Program


ANAS is a language program tailored to the needs of those who are seeking to learn Arabic as a foreign language. The program adopts a communicative approach in order to help learners gain a solid foundation in the language, which will help them read, write, speak and understand. The program currently consists of two basic levels: ARABIC 101 (offered in the Fall) & ARABIC 102 (offered in Spring)

Arabic 101 (Fall)

Course Description & Objectives: Arabic 101 is an Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic, including the Arabic script, basic grammar, and vocabulary, and developing skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. By the end of Arabic 101 you will:

  1. have mastered the Arabic alphabet and sound system,
  2. be able to recognize and pronounce correctly 
all Arabic sounds, and write accurately from dictation;
  3. be able to initiate social interactions, ask for basic information, and be aware of basic cultural 
aspects of social interaction in the Arab world;
  4. be able to talk about yourself, your education, and your family with native speakers of Arabic 
accustomed to interacting with learners;
  5. comprehend simple print texts on familiar topics;
  6. comprehend simple audio/video texts on familiar topics;
  7. be able to compose simple paragraphs about yourself an your family and friends;
  8. know about the differences between formal and spoken Arabic, recognize both registers, and be 
able to use basic expressions in at least one dialect; and
  9. have an active vocabulary of about 300 Arabic words

Please complete the registration form with a $50 non-refundable check, payable to Apex Mosque, no later than August 20th and provide to Imam Khalid (

Arabic 102 (Spring)

Course Description & Objectives: Arabic 102 is the second in a series of Arabic language courses offered at Apex Mosque. The prerequisite for the course is Arabic 101 or its equivalent. Any student, who did not take Arabic 101 should contact the instructor immediately to take the placement exam.

Just like Arabic 101, this course will be proficiency based, covering all language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). We will place considerable emphasis on active use of the language both in class and in daily homework assignments. By the end of the course, students can expect to become able to read simple texts using a limited range of vocabulary and structures, to deliver a more sophisticated introduction about oneself in Arabic, and to engage in limited conversations with classmates, instructor and sympathetic native speakers. Students will also develop an acquaintance with some aspects of Arab culture.

The class meets once a week for a session of 2 hours. Registration starts on November; the first class is on the 2nd week of January; and the last class will be in the 3rd week of May.

Registration for Arabic 102 starts on December 1st of every year. Please complete the the application form. For questions, please contact Imam Khalid at: