Hadith Gathering

This gathering is aimed to take care of the Allah’s Messenger Legacy and build a strong and deep connection with Him thought it. It is also aimed to gain more love, respect and appreciation for His sayings, teachings and practices, and raise them to a place where we see them as what gives sense and light to our lives.

The gathering, which takes place on a weekly basis, will cover one hadith, hoping to finish a book of forty hadith over one year. The scholars who compiled books containing forty hadith of the Prophet – prayers and peace be upon him – are so many. In 2005, Sahl Al-Ud, published an outstanding book (*), in which he listed the titles of more than five hundred books of this category. He also pointed that the first scholar to compile a book of forty Hadith is Abdulah Ibn Al-Mubarak (i.e. 182 H), meaning that this practice is almost as old as the science of Hadith itself.

The Prophet (prayer and peace be upon him, his family, his progeny and his companions) said: “Whoever saves for my nation forty hadith, he/she will be raised in the Day of Judgment, among wise and scholarly people” (in another narration, “I would intercede and a be a witness for him in the Day of Judgment).

“من حفظ على أمتي أربعين حديثاً من أمر دينها، بعثه الله يوم القيامة في زمرة الفقهاء والعلماء” وفي رواية ” وكنت له يوم القيامة شافعاً وشهيداً” قال النووي رحمه الله تعالى: (واتفق الحفاظ على ضعفه، وإن كثرت طرقه).

He (prayer and peace be upon him, his family, his progeny and his companions) also said: “May Allah enlighten and beautify more the face of a person he has heard my saying, and he shared it with other as he has heard it, perhaps a person who learns about a saying that was transferred to him would understand it better than the person who reported to him; and perhaps a person learns something and when he share it with someone, the latter would have a better interpretation of it”.

“نضر الله امرءا سمع مقالتي فأداها كما سمعها فرب مبلغ أوعى من سامع ورب حامل فقه إلى من هو أفقه منه”

Scholars compiled books of forty hadith about different topics and with different objectives. Imam Khalid Shahu is in the process of compiling a new series, called: “Series of Forty Ahadith Minhajiyah”, which will focus on covering and exploring the seventy-seven branches of faith. The Series will contain ten books. The first of these books, which we will study this year of 2016-2017, will focus on “The importance of Spiritual Companionship and Community”.

In this book, Imam Khalid gathered forty hadith about eleven branches of faith. Every Friday, one of the ahdadith will be thoroughly explained, contextualized and memorized.

It’s Every Friday, After Isha Prayer