Goal for Maqra’ah Program


– Maqra’ah: is an Ijazah (certificate) in recitation and memorizing of the whole Quran. For the students who can read from Quran and who passes the placement test, this program take place during the weekend school ( every Sunday from 11:00am to 2:30pm) students will read an memorize the Quran from beginning to end with Hafiz Teacher.


Expectations of Parents:


  •  We do our best in introducing, and explaining each concept to students, the teachers especially encourage learning through in class discussion. However, we need parents to be part of this teaching process. We request our parents to ask questions of their children regarding what they have learned in the class.


  • While we do our best, we expect parents to supplement this time with extra investment at home, If your child is falling behind on the yearly milestones, we will inform you promptly.


  • Please pay special attention to all updates and feedback from your child’s teacher.


  • We expect students to complete assigned homework  to be able to fully participate in class.


  • We also expect parents to regularly remind their children of conduct expected by the school and their teacher.

Together, we will make this school year one of growth and achievement for all our children.

Best Regards,    

Meriem Briki,

Principal, Alihssan School.