Al Maghrib Seminar: Art of Manners, Islamic Code of Ethics

Al-Maghrib Triangle will be hosting their upcoming seminar “The Art of Manners: Islamic Code of Ethics” in Raleigh and at the Apex Mosque on March 9th through 11th with Ustadh Majed Mahmoud. Learn how to embody true Muslim character and become the best version of yourself. In this seminar, you will learn:

  • Etiquette of speech: truth and lies
  • Art of showing gratitude
  • Choosing companionship
  • Earning trust and winning hearts
  • Developing good habits
  • Etiquette of social media
  • Art of accepting and declining requests
  • Anger management
  • Etiquette of complaining to and speaking about Allah
  • Recognizing tests from Allah, and dealing with calamities
  • Increase in sincerity and motivation in worship
  • Controlling temptations and bad habits

Please click HERE see for registration.