Robotics Course

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Apex Mosque is excited to announce an *Arduino (Robotics) Course*.  The program will be for Middle School students and the students will learn electronics and coding using Arduino UNO, an open source microcontroller used in robotics, smart home systems, prototyping, and many other fields.  It is popularly used for robotics education because it is easy to learn and fun.

The following will be covered:

-Digital and Analog Sensors
-DC motors
-Servo Motors

-If else statements
-FunctionsThe course is planned to be 7 weeks / 2 hours per week. The first 4 weeks will be the instructional classes.  The last 3 weeks the students will create their own projects.  At the end of the program the projects will be displayed and chosen projects will be sent to Maker Fair, and other science fairs and robotics competitions according to the project’s topic.The students that finish the course will be awarded with certificates and will be able to move to the next level.  The levels planned include:Level 1: Smart Homes and Cities (this course)
Level 2: Robots (Line followers, maze…)
Level 3: Drones

The first course will begin on June 28th and will be from 6.30-8.30pm (no course on 4th of july week). The course will be $40 for the entire 7 weeks.  Students should bring their computers, other materials will be provided.

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