Updated Statement from Apex Mosque

We remain in a state of mourning from the recent news regarding the attacks at the synagogue in San Diego, the church in Sri Lanka, and the mosque in New Zealand.  To God we belong and to him we shall return. The Apex Mosque condemns this and all terrorist attacks and continues making prayers and supplications for the victims and their families.

The Apex Mosque has been in contact with the Apex Police Department and they have indicated that over the coming days, they will increase their patrol visibility especially during times of heavy masjid use.  Building on our prior collaborative security efforts with the Apex Police Department and Apex Fire Department, we will be conducting additional facility evaluations with their input to identify additional security measures to further ensure the safety of everyone in the community.  The FBI also remains in contact with the Triangle Muslim community and has currently indicated that they have not identified any threats to communities in the area, but are remaining engaged to ensure our safety.  Should any community member have any suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

During such difficult times, the Apex Mosque reminds its members to remain vigilant and take the necessary precautions to protect their families and communities.  We encourage all members to speak out against all forms of hate and to continue forming bonds with the broader community.  While these tragedies give us all pause, we should not be deterred but instead continue to fill our masjids with our presence with faith in the Almighty and love for one another.

May God give comfort and healing to those who are suffering everywhere.