Ramadan Iftars At Apex Mosque


One of the great acts of worship in Ramadan is to offer Iftar to fasting people. The Prophet (prayer and peace be upon him) said: “If someone gives one who has been fasting something with which to break his fast, it will provide forgiveness of his sins and save him from Hell, and he will have a reward equal to his without his reward being diminished in any respect.”

Sponsor An Iftar

The Apex Mosque organizes iftars for the community all over the month of Ramadan. In the weekdays, usually around 120 people show up for iftar. In the weekend, usually around 250-300 people show up. You can sponsor an iftar by,

– Ordering the food yourself and making all the arrangements to serve it on the day of Iftar.
– Paying for the Iftar, and the Mosque management will order and help serve it.

To sponsor/pay for an Iftar, please consult the following chart. You can sponsor an Iftar wholly or partially as you like and you can afford.

Fully Sponsored Iftar Partially Sponsored Iftar
Weekdays Iftar (Monday-Thursday) 120 people X $8 = $960 Multiply the number of people to feed by the $8

(i.e. 25 x $8 = $200

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) 300 people X $8 = $2,400

Reservations for the Iftar usually start in 15 days before Ramadan (Mid-Sha’ban).

To Sponsor an Iftar, call Br. Abdelkarim at: