Treasures of Quran 2019

Al-Mizmaar 2019

Quran Competition aimed to choose the best Mizmaar of the Triangle Area

Al-Mizmaar Quran Competition is aimed to explore those kids who are talented in Quran recitation and memorization, appreciate their eager interest in the Words of Allah, and award their well-deserved effort.

The name of the competition “Al-Mizmaar” comes as implication of the teachings of our great Prophet (prayer and peace be upon him), who used to appreciate the people of Quran and who told Abu Musa al-Ash’ari (may Allah be pleased with him): “You have been given a mizmaar (mizmaar, lit. Flute) like the mizmaar of the family of Dawood” (*Mizmaar here means beautiful voice) [Al-Bukhaari & Muslim].

This Mizmaar Competition will be a yearly event in honor of all those who show special interest in Allah’s Words, and it will always coincide with the Treasures of Quran: An Annual Quran Day in the Triangle Area.

Rules of Participation in Al-Mizmaar

  1. Participants should be 9-15 years old
  2. The competition will take place during the 3rd Annual Treasures of Quran Day, on Saturday, April 27th, from 5:30-7:30pm, at Razan Multipurpose Hall, on the grounds of Apex Mosque
  3. Participants will represent the mosques and Islamic Associations of the Triangle Area.
  4. Each participant will be given 4-5 minutes to recite a Surah or Part of a Surah of his/her choice
  5. The judging committee will be formed by three shuyukh.
  6. The decisions of the committee will be final and binding
  7. The committee will provide feedback to participants immediately after finishing their recitations
  8. The committee will announce the two Mizmaars (one boy & one girl) of the Triangle area during the night session (8:30-10:00pm) of the program
  9. Participants will be evaluated based on the following criteria
    • The quality of memorization of Surah or verses chosen by participant
    • Respect of the rules and regulations of Tajweed
    • Respect of time allocated for each participant
    • The quality of voice


(Participants in Al-Mizmaar represent the different mosques of the Triangle Area)

•       Abdelgawad Farah
•       Asma Traori
•       Fatima Jannat
•       Jenna Abdelhamid
•       Ibrahim Burhan
•       Khadija Bellarhrib
•       Khalil Hala
•       Khizer Ahmed
•       Luqmaan Mulla
•       Mariem Diouane
•       Mohsin Modan
•       Moraweh Saleh
•       Nahimana Mahehero
•       Narjis Ahmadi
•       Samiya Abdul Lateef
•       Sarah Ahmed
•       Sufyan Abdul Lateef
•       Suhaib Mohamed Mousa
•       Yahya Abdul-Malik
•       Yezeed Elidrissi,
•       Yousuf Siddiqui
•       Yusuf Elgoummadi
•       Zayd Muhammad

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