What the Voyage is All About?


  • “The Voyage” is an educational & spiritual achievement track that takes the participant into a journey through the 10 Attributes of Faith and their 77 sub-sequent Branches or Contributories.


  • Help participants taste the sweetness of faith through experiencing the 77 Branches of Faith, while journeying with their Muslim Fellows.
  • Experience Deep spiritual change through practical programs and activities


  • Prepare Well-Balanced and Strong Believers & Community Leaders
  • Strengthen bonds of mutual love & brotherhood between participants
  • Help participants develop a good sense of belonging to the large community & contribute to the common good of the large community

Program Details

  • Voyage Track is a 9 months program. September – May of every year.
  • Sessions are held on a by-weekly basis. In addition, other major activities (trips, visits, outings, etc. may be organized.
  • The program is open for all ages (kids, youth and adults)
  • Participants will have a variety of activities under each Attribute), some of them informational, where they will learn about the Attribute and others are fun and educational activities, group or individual, in which participants apply some of the concepts of the attribute, or one of its Branches of Faith.
  • Participants are awarded in the Voyage Award Ceremony scheduled throughout the year.

Participation Rules & Regulations 

  • The minimum # of participants in a Voyage Track should not be less than 10 or more than 15.
  • Registration is based on first come first serve / *Space is very limited
  • One Time Registration Fee: $350
  • Orientation Day: By the end of August
  • Registration deadline: A week after the orientation day
  • Program Starts: 1st Weekend of Sept.
  • Program Ends: May 31st

Requirements of the Voyage 

  • Complete Registration for Voyage
  • In addition to Registration Fees, Participants must pay any fees that are needed to implement the Voyage program and activities (Trips, Picnics, etc.)
  • Attend at least 90% of the sessions held throughout the year, as excessive absence will not make participants fully benefit from the program.
  • Show on time to all the sessions, programs or activities

What is expected from Participants?

  • Willingness & Self-Motivation
  • Strong Commitment
  • Sense of Love, Respect and Good Morals overall
  • Effectiveness: respond positively to all tasks
  • Respect of time
  • Positivity and Cooperation
  • Accomplish all the assignments


Participants will be awarded:

1) A Recreation Field Trip
2) A Certificate of Accomplishment during the Voyage Ceremony usually held at the end of May.
3) A Special gift

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Please complete the application form if interested or contact Imam Khalid for more information.