Al Ihssan School

Registration is now open for All Alihssan School Programs for the academic year 2022/2023

Register Jun 12- Aug 28 2022

Save $20 on Registration Fee!

All programs will be held in-person at Apex Mosque.

Alihssan Sunday school

We look forward to working with you and your students as we work toward a successful school year.

Alihssan high schooler’s program

We envision that we help build deep understanding and appreciation of Islam as a universal and eternal way of living for mankind.

Alihssan After School program

Focuses on Two areas for its curriculum: Quran Memorization, Arabic Noorani Qaida
The minimum age of entry is Five years old.

Alihssan Maqra’ah Hifz Program:

Our Goal is to Teach the Recitation and memorization Of the Quran with The Highest Of Standards And The Best Educational

Registration fee: $120 – fees used for: Textbooks, Workbooks, Supplies, class activities…

Annual Tuition: $450

The Two installment payment for only parents with siblings.

Multiple children’s discounts are offered.

Parents have the option of paying the entire tuition due in single payment on Aug 28th, 2022, or in Two installment payment.


First payment due: 08/28/2022

Second payment due: 01/15/2023


        # of students

( siblings)

Tuition fee  per Academic year

Registration fee


1st child




2nd child




3rd child




4th child