For the Imam to handle marriage affairs, the following documentation and requirements must be implemented:

  • The Legal Contract of Marriage from the court must be completed and presented.
  • The groom and bride must show a photo ID (Driver License or Green Card).
  • Two witnesses must attend the ceremony and witness the processing of act of marriage (* Both witnesses must show a photo ID).
  • The dowry (sadak) must be defined and agreed upon between the parties.
  • A “WALIY” of the bride must attend the ceremony and declare his consent for this marriage to take place.
  • A processing fee of $50 must be paid to Apex Mosque.
  • An honorarium should be given to the Imam for conducting the marriage ceremony
  • The Imam will issue an unofficial certificate that confirms the completion of marriage based on the Islamic Teachings (Quran & Sunna).
  • The processing of marriage contract cannot be completed if any of the above requirements is missing.

The processing of marriage contracts can be done at the grounds of Apex Mosque or as arranged with the engaged parties.

To schedule a marriage contract processing session, contact the Imam at: You may also call: 919-362-0403.