New Board of Directors

A new Apex Mosque Board of Directors (2018 through 2021) has been elected by the Apex Mosque Shura Council on June 30th, 2018 in accordance with Apex Mosque Bylaws.  The new BOD consists of the followings:

  • President and Chair of Education Department:  Mohammed Assisou
  • Vice President and Chair of Outreach Department:  Asif Ansari
  • Treasurer:  Rachid Omous
  • Chair of Facility Department:  Nabeg Barakat
  • Chair of Childhood and Family Department:  Meryem Chehdaoui
  • Chair of Security and Legal Affairs:  Mohamed Mekni
  • Chair of Da’wa Department:  Abdellah Mansouri
  • Chair of Social Affairs:  Tarik Bellarhrib
  • Chair of Sports and Recreation Department:  Driss Idmhand

May Allah SWT reward the brothers and sisters who served the mosque in the previous term and give strength to the new members and the ones that have been re-elected.