Alihssan After  School program  focuses on Two areas for its curriculum:

Quran, Arabic


Goal for Arabic Program

To emphasize learning how to read Qur’an correctly and properly, Alihssan Quran School New curriculum is an interactive, enjoyable educational curriculum that produces fast results for the student. The curriculum employs a variety of new ideas and strategies that aid the teacher and the student’s family in assessing the student’s progress throughout his/her course of study. focusing on proper pronunciation of Qur’an recitation. Starting with the original shape of the letter, moving up to connecting letters, vowels, long vowels, two-letter combinations, and three-letter combinations…  Along with learning to read and write, students will also learn the meaning of common words or “sight words.”


Goal for Quranic Studies Program


  •  Teaching Qur’an consists of reading, memorization of surahs, understanding simple and frequent words, and Tafseer (the general meaning). Teaching Quran allows for a practical application of what was learned in Arabic class. More importantly, our goal is to teach the holy Quran with the applied rules of the science of Tajweed

To keep up with the pace of the Quranic Curriculum, we recommend daily recitation / memorization of about 15/20 minutes for all students.


Expectations of Parents:


Ø We do our best in introducing, and explaining each concept to students, the teachers especially encourage learning through in class discussion. However, we need parents to be part of this teaching process. We request our parents to ask questions of their children regarding what they have learned in the class.


Ø While we do our best, we expect parents to supplement this time with extra investment at home, If your child is falling behind on the yearly milestones, we will inform you promptly.


Ø Please pay special attention to all updates and feedback from your child’s teacher.


Ø We expect students to complete assigned homework  to be able to fully participate in class.


Ø We also expect parents to regularly remind their children of conduct expected by the school and their teacher.

Together, we will make this school year one of growth and achievement for all our children.

Best Regards,    

Meriem Briki,

Principal, Alihssan School.