Salamo Alykom, I hope every one of you and your families is doing well during this blessed month of Ramadan. May Allah SWT accept your fasting, prayers, and all your good deeds. Ameen 🤲🏻.

Just a reminder if your child/ren (12 – 18) is/are planning to attend Youth Night at Apex Mosque this coming Saturday to register, click here.

Please note that this Saturday will be an odd (وترية) night, so I encourage the parent to attend and be in the masjid if possible.


Ramadan Mubarak

As-salamu Alaykum dear brothers and sisters,

We ask Allah SWT to put baraka in the remaining days of Shaaban and allow us to witness Ramdan (1st day is Saturday Apr 2nd, see attached TIC statement). By the blessing of Allah we will be praying all prayers including Taraweeh in the Musallah. We will have short talks after 4 rakaat on Fridays and Saturdays. We will also have Tahajud every day 45 min before fajr Adan.


Triangle Imams Council (TIC), has met and agreed to announce
the first day of Ramadan to be on Saturday April 02, 2022 and
Eid ul Fitr to be on Monday, May 02, 2022.
The decision is taken according to the previous declaration of TIC.
After considering the inflation rate, TIC determined
Zakat ul Fitr to be $15 per person,
and Fiddyah to be $8 per day of missed fasting
TIC Imams and leaders wish you all a blessed month of Ramadan and
we pray for acceptance of your Qiam, Sala and Fasting
Jazakum Allah Khyran

I’TIKAF Ramadan