Apex Mosque Strategic Plan

After significant discussions including with community members and external consultants, the Apex Mosque Board of Directors is pleased to present its strategic plan.  The strategic plan includes the following:

Strategic Plan Goals

  • Improve spiritual, educational, and social services to Apex Mosque growing community.
  • Develop the facility to accommodate Apex Mosque growing programs and activities.  View the facility master plan.
  • Improve Apex Mosque financial status to pay off the facility and focus more on programs and human development.

Tarbiya and Spirituality

  • Increase spiritual activities and retreats for brothers and sisters.
  • Hire a hafiz to focus on teaching Quran for children and adults, and to replace the Imam during his absence.


  • Hire an expert in education to assess and improve our part time education programs.
  • Obtain license for a full time day-care program (Al-Manara).
  • Prepare for an elementary full time school – after improving current part time programs.

Youth Leadership

  • Engage young adults in the masjid activities and empower them with effective spiritual programs and leadership trainings.
  • Hire a part time youth leader to focus on driving the youth towards the above endeavors.

Social Support and Family Development

  • Assist the needy based on Apex Mosque financial capacity.
  • Provide trainings and workshops to parents on how to raise children.

Outreach and Civic Engagement

  • Strengthen relationship with neighbors and churches.
  • Encourage Apex Mosque community to engage in society and contribute to its betterment: blood drive, Habitat, elections, etc.

Safety and Security

  • Continue improving the safety and security system.


  • Search for new strategies to increase Apex Mosque financial status.
  • Initiate a campaign to pay off the facility mortgage.

Please Park in Designated Spots

Community members and visitors are reminded to park only in designated parking spots.  Please do not park in the gas station area, in front of the dumpster, and do not leave cars in the parking lot for extended periods of time.  Please also avoid parking in the spot marked “reserved.”  Failure to obey these rules may result in cars being towed at the owner’s expense.

Eid-al-Fitr Announcement

In alignment with the Fiqh Council of North America, the last day of Ramadan will be on Thursday, 14-June and therefore Eid-al-Fitr will be celebrated on Friday 15-June at the Apex Mosque Multipurpose Hall.  Prayers will be held in two shifts, at 8:30AM and 10:30AM.  Members are requested to bring their own prayer rugs, to carpool where possible, to arrive early given the large crowd expected, and to clearly follow the direction of the Apex Police Department officers and Apex Mosque security team for parking instructions upon arrival at the masjid.

Accordingly, only one shift of jumua will take place on Friday, 15-June, at 1:15PM.

Eid Mubarak!


Zakat-al-Fitr in the amount of $13 per family member is due before the start of the Eid-al-Fitr salaat.  The Apex Mosque is collecting zakat-al-fitr from community members and it may be placed in the zakat-al-fitr donation slot in between the main entrance doors at the Apex Mosque.  For additional explanation regarding zakat-al-fitr, please read the Foundations of Zakat-al-Fitr article written by Imam Khalid Shahu.  Please note the amount for 2018 is $13 per family member.

Itikaf Program

The Itikaf program at the Apex Mosque will start after Maghrib on Monday, 04-June.  Any participants in the program must read and abide by the guidelines and complete the registration form.  Please bring the registration form with you and submit to Imam Khalid or Br. Mohammed Achibane.  The registration form can be completed electronically also.


Ramadan Newsletter

Download a pdf version.


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Ramadan Announcement and Timetable

According to the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA), the first day of Ramadan of the year 1439 (2018) is Wednesday 16-May.  Therefore, Taraweeh prayer at Apex Mosque will begin on Tuesday, 15-May at 9:45pm, and the first day of fasting will be Wednesday, 16-May.  The Apex Mosque Board of Directors would like to congratulate the Muslim community in the Triangle Area and the entire Muslim ummah with the arrival of this blessed Month and we ask Almighty Allah to make it a month of mercy, forgiveness and salvation from five for everyone.  Please view the Ramadan Timetable.

Please follow mosque personnel for instructions on appropriate parking spaces.  There will be sufficient parking in the mosque and surrounding areas.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Quran Contest

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