November Community Dinner

The monthly community dinner for November will be held on Saturday, 18-November starting at 7:30PM.  Please bring a dish to share with the rest of the community.  Please inform any friends and family.

NAFIS Winter Retreat at Myrtle Beach

Room reservations can be made at either the Landmark Resort or Palace Resort.  All activities including prayers, gatherings, kids activities, and food service will be held at the Landmark Resort.  For those families looking for larger rooms, room reservations can be made at the Palace Resort which is located next door to the Landmark Resort.  For additional information please contact Br. Mohammed Salah Mekni.

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Spring 2018 Umrah and Retreat

Registration for Apex Mosque’s Spring Umrah and Retreat is now open.  The 10-day (March 8-18) itinerary includes stops in Medina and Mecca.  For information on umrah requirements, logistics and fees, please see review the program brochure.  To sign up, please complete the registration form and submit it to Imam Khalid Shahu in person or via email.  The form is also available at the Mosque.  For any questions, feel free to contact brother Otmane Darhmaoui at (919)418-2230 or Imam Khalid Shahu at 919-971-9703.

Apex Mosque is Hiring for Cross Generations Quran School

The Cross-Generation Quran School is seeking to hire Quran teachers to teach on Saturdays from 10:30am-1:30pm.  Applicants should have experience in teaching the Arabic alphabet and rules of tajweed to kids 7 years and older.  Interested applicants may contact Imam Khalid.

Refugee Support

Any community member wanting to work with local agencies to help refugees settling in the RTP area are encouraged to contact Sr. Patricia Land.  Families are coming to the US throughout the year and a number of household items and additional support are needed to support these families.

Monthly Tahajjud

Monthly-TahajjudThe monthly tahajjud will be held on Sunday 29-Sep starting at 5:30AM.  Please plan on attending this opportunity for worship.  All community members, family and friends are encouraged to attend.

Apex Mosque Invites Friends & Neighbors

As part of the Beloved Seerah Conference, a 2-hour agenda has been created for friends and neighbors from the local community to attend and to learn more about Islam and the members of the masjid.  Please encourage them to do so on Friday, 20-October at 7PM.

20-Oct Flyer

Apex Mosque Educational Programs Open Registration

Registration is still open for Apex Mosque educational programs.  Contact information is below: