Volunteers Needed for Taraweeh

Asalamu Alikom dear brothers and sisters!
Apex Mosque needs your help during this upcoming Ramadan Taraweeh Prayers. Your Mosque is seeking dedicated volunteers to help with directing worshippers to the designated area, checking temperatures at the entrance, and parking cars.

By volunteering your time and effort for the sake of Allah (swt), you are not only helping out others but you are also gaining rewards from Allah (swt). If you would like to offer your help and sign-up to volunteer, please click HERE.  

Taraweeh Registeration

Things will be done a little differently this Ramadan due to the pandemic. InshaAllah for Taraweeh, an online registration is required for all Taraweeh Prayers that will start right after salat Isha. For more detailed information and to register ahead of time for taraweeh, please click HERE. 

Get Your Moderna Vaccine!

Have you gotten your COVID-19 vaccination yet? If not, you can get it at Apex Mosque on Thursday April 8th.  Please check Apex Mosque Facebook page for more information.

Al-Manara Back to School Open House!



Please send an email to almanarapreschool2013@gmail.com to arrange a time for you to make your visit as safe as possible. Face covering and social distance is required at all times on our premises.

To register click here

Al-Manara Preschool Authorization Agreement Direct Payments: If you’d like to make direct payments click here.


Introduction to Islam

Introduction to Islam

As the last of the Abrahamic faiths, Islam adheres to the purity of monotheism and contains within it the most authentic knowledge about and from our Creator! In this hour-long interactive discussion, we attempt to cover the very basics of Islam from the tenets of faith to corresponding actions a believer must adhere to.

Apex Mosque Relief

Copy of Covid-19 Relief Fund Donation
As Salam Alaykum, the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, says: “The Best among you, Are those who are best for others.” We want to first ask the almighty Allah to protect all of you and your families from this pandemic and its impacts. Alhamdulillah, Apex Mosque launched a new Relief to feed the needy during this difficult time. Through this Relief, we will refer people who need food to local restaurants in the area. Further information will be sent via our weekly announcements. Please use the link below to make a financial donation. Also, any donations collected from Ramadan Iftars Sponsorship program will be added to the Relief.

All donations will be used immediately and urgently to feed the needy, Insha’Allah.  Jazakum Allah Khair for your support. Donations accepted only via this link: http://www.apexmosque.org/donation/

If you want to request a meal, please click on the link below and fill out the form.


Governmental Assistance Programs are Available

Governmental assistance programs are available to support anyone in need. Please see the programs listed below:

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Unemployment benefits finder