Alihssan Sunday School

Program 2020-21


Registration for Alihssan Sunday School academic year 2020-2021 is open as of now. We accept students ages 4 – 16 (students need to be at least 4 years old by August 1st, 2020).  We will keep accepting students for each class until we reach capacity.

Late applications may be accepted based on availability of space with a late fee of $25 per child.


Every Sunday From 10am to 2pm.

CLICK HERE To Register Online for Sunday School Registration form 2020-21.

CLICK HERE To download Manually Sunday School Registration form 2020-21


Our primary goal at Sunday school is to provide students with an age appropriate awareness of Islam: its principles, values, and how to conduct day-to-day life as a Muslim.

Increase knowledge and understanding of the Holy Quran and its application to daily life.

Focusing on memorizing the Holy Quran (the Tahfeeth program) with proper tajweed and sustaining methods.

Build strong Arabic language skills.

Understanding the importance of good civic behavior, emotional intelligence, and trust.


At ALIHSSAN Sunday School, one of the Educational Programs at Apex Mosque, we are committed to creating and maintaining an Islamic education environment for our students while developing a love of Islam, increase their knowledge of the holy Quran, build their Arabic language skills as a means of communication and understanding the holly Quran, ALIHSSAN Sunday School empowers students to honor their identity as young Muslims and respect diversity.

Fees And Tuitions:

Tuition for the whole academic year 2020 – 2021 (9 months) including registration fees and books is as follows:


# of students

(siblings only)

Full Payment

per academic year

1st $375  
2nd $300 (20% discount) total for 2 students $675
3rd $265 (30% discount) total for 3 students $940
4th $225 (40% discount) total for 4 students $1165
5th $190 (50% discount) total for 5 students $1355


The tuition covers the entire school year (about 9 months) and includes books.

Payemnt Options:


CLICK HERE For ACH/automatic deduction form (If You choose to pay by check or cash).

CLICK HERE For Credit or Debit Card  (credit card has an added charge of 3.5% of the total amount).



To educate our children is our religious responsibility. We must make every effort to bring the light of Islam to our children with the help of the Quran and Sunnah, so they are able to follow Islam to their fullest capacity and enjoy peace and success in their lives as well as in the hereafter. The Quran is the greatest gift from Allah (swt). Regardless of our age, we as a community need to recite, understand, and practice the Holy Quran, implementing it in our daily lives as it is our comprehensive lifelong guide.




Address: Apex Mosque – 733 Center Street, Apex, NC 27502