Vision & Mission

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and prayer and peace be upon Allah’s Messenger, his family, his progeny and his companions.

It is really a great honor to initiate in the Triangle Area this Beloved Seerah Conference, which is aimed to achieve a variety of objectives:

  1. Creating a vibrant environment where the love of Allah’s Messenger can be deeply felt and experienced by the hearts, and embracing his legacy and model can be done with pride and passion.
  2. Raising his model to a level to which is seen as a Mercy, not only to the Muslims and the Believers, but to all mankind.
  3. Making his legacy relevant to individual and collective lives by exploring his journey in this life and that of those who were around him
  4. Bringing the community and its leaders together around his legacy (prayer and peace be upon him)
  5. Correcting any misconceptions – both among Muslims and Non-Muslims – about his life style and model.

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