Eid al Adha

Friday, 02-Aug is the first day of the Hajj season and in ten days Eid ul Adha is coming iA.  The messenger of Allah peace be upon him encouraged us to take advantage of these holy ten days, and to focus on supplication to Allah, doing lots of Dhikr (remembrance of Allah), and any other acts of worship that we are able to do.  The reward is increased for all good actions and Allah accepts supplication in these days more than anytime else during the year.  Fasting is highly recommended, especially on the Day of Arafah (the ninth day).

Eid ul Adha prayers will be held at the Apex Mosque on Sunday 11-Aug in two shifts, 7:00AM and 8:30AM.  Please follow parking instructions of security personnel and carpool where possible.

Art on Canvas

Canvas Art Poster

Youth Sewing Class

Sewing Class poster

Cake Decorating

cake decorating flyer-June 26

Mother and Daughter Day

Mother and daughter event-June  26

Robotics Course

The Robotics class is currently full.  Please join the mailing list (YouthProgramsApexMosque@gmail.com) to keep up to date on new classes.


Apex Mosque is excited to announce an *Arduino (Robotics) Course*.  The program will be for Middle School students and the students will learn electronics and coding using Arduino UNO, an open source microcontroller used in robotics, smart home systems, prototyping, and many other fields.  It is popularly used for robotics education because it is easy to learn and fun.

The following will be covered:

-Digital and Analog Sensors
-DC motors
-Servo Motors

-If else statements
-FunctionsThe course is planned to be 7 weeks / 2 hours per week. The first 4 weeks will be the instructional classes.  The last 3 weeks the students will create their own projects.  At the end of the program the projects will be displayed and chosen projects will be sent to Maker Fair, and other science fairs and robotics competitions according to the project’s topic.The students that finish the course will be awarded with certificates and will be able to move to the next level.  The levels planned include:Level 1: Smart Homes and Cities (this course)
Level 2: Robots (Line followers, maze…)
Level 3: Drones

The first course will begin on June 28th and will be from 6.30-8.30pm (no course on 4th of july week). The course will be $40 for the entire 7 weeks.  Students should bring their computers, other materials will be provided.

*To sign up contact YouthProgramsApexMosque@gmail.com

Visit www.pinkstream.org for more information about the instructor.

Summer Camps and Programs at Apex Mosque

The Apex Mosque will be offering the following summer programs for preschool and youth ages:

  • Al Manara Pre-School Summer Program for kids ages 4-5 years, June 17th – August 16th, registration fees: $350/month.  See the flyer and call 919-527-5428 for more information.
  • Young Muslims Day Camp for youth ages 6-12 years, June 17th – August 15th, registration fees: $350/month.  See the flyer and email Sr Mona Dakrouri for more information.
  • Boys Weekend Camp for youth ages 11-13 years, June 26th – June 30th at Umstead Park, registration fees: $120.  See the flyer and contact Br Idriss Idmhand at 973-302-3925 (alternate: 919-527-3809) for more information.
  • Girls Weekend Camp for youth ages 8-12 years, June 26th – June 29th at Umstead Park, registration fees: $120.  See the flyer and contact Sr Meryem Chehdaoui at 919-637-6815 (alternate: 201-993-0120) for more information.
  • The Cross Generation Quran School – Summer Program, mid-June to end-July every Saturday from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM, tuition: $150 per student.  Visit here for more information.


The Apex Mosque will not organize Hajj this year, but recommend the package below with Adam Travel Agency for those who are interested.  For any further information, feel free to contact Imam Khalid.

8B flyer 2019

Food Drive

Please drop items for donation in the collection box in the lobby.

Food Drive Poster