Inclement Weather: Apex Mosque Closed

Because of the inclement weather, Apex Mosque will remain closed for Fajr on Tuesday and will re-open for Dhuhr prayer on Tuesday, 11-Dec.  Al Manara Preschool will be closed all-day Tuesday.  Please stay safe and warm.

Get Out The Vote!

The Apex Mosque encourages all community members to exercise their civic duty in voting in the upcoming November elections.  While no specific candidates are endorsed or recommended, a Guide to Informed Voting is offered to aid community members in making informed decisions.  In addition for community member’s information, MAPAC-NC has completed their voter recommendations for Wake County.  Again, Apex Mosque DOES NOT endorse or recommend any specific candidates.

Early voting information can be found here.

Notification of Apex Mosque Closure

Because of Hurricane Florence, the Apex Mosque will remain open only for daily prayers.  All other activities are cancelled and the mosque will be closed otherwise.  Normal operating hours and activities are scheduled to resume Monday, 17-September.

Please visit the masjid website for additional updates throughout the weekend.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Apex Mosque by email at

Monthly Community Dinner Cancelled

Community-DinnerUpdate: Because of the pending inclement weather expected in the Triangle area, the monthly community dinner for September has been cancelled.

The September community dinner will be held on Saturday, 15-September starting at 7:30PM.  Please join us, invite your friends, and bring a dish of your choice to share with your community.

School Backpacks Distribution Cancelled

Update: this event will be rescheduled because of Hurricane Florence


Apex Mosque is distributing free book bags to needy families in the area on Saturday 15-September from 10 to 2PM.  Please inform Muslim and Non-Muslim families in need who may benefit from this opportunity, and spread the message to family and friends.

New Board of Directors

A new Apex Mosque Board of Directors (2018 through 2021) has been elected by the Apex Mosque Shura Council on June 30th, 2018 in accordance with Apex Mosque Bylaws.  The new BOD consists of the followings:

  • President and Chair of Education Department:  Mohammed Assisou
  • Vice President and Chair of Outreach Department:  Asif Ansari
  • Treasurer:  Rachid Omous
  • Chair of Facility Department:  Nabeg Barakat
  • Chair of Childhood and Family Department:  Meryem Chehdaoui
  • Chair of Security and Legal Affairs:  Mohamed Mekni
  • Chair of Da’wa Department:  Abdellah Mansouri
  • Chair of Social Affairs:  Tarik Bellarhrib
  • Chair of Sports and Recreation Department:  Driss Idmhand

May Allah SWT reward the brothers and sisters who served the mosque in the previous term and give strength to the new members and the ones that have been re-elected.

Apex Mosque Strategic Plan

After significant discussions including with community members and external consultants, the Apex Mosque Board of Directors is pleased to present its strategic plan.  The strategic plan includes the following:

Strategic Plan Goals

  • Improve spiritual, educational, and social services to Apex Mosque growing community.
  • Develop the facility to accommodate Apex Mosque growing programs and activities.  View the facility master plan.
  • Improve Apex Mosque financial status to pay off the facility and focus more on programs and human development.

Tarbiya and Spirituality

  • Increase spiritual activities and retreats for brothers and sisters.
  • Hire a hafiz to focus on teaching Quran for children and adults, and to replace the Imam during his absence.


  • Hire an expert in education to assess and improve our part time education programs.
  • Obtain license for a full time day-care program (Al-Manara).
  • Prepare for an elementary full time school – after improving current part time programs.

Youth Leadership

  • Engage young adults in the masjid activities and empower them with effective spiritual programs and leadership trainings.
  • Hire a part time youth leader to focus on driving the youth towards the above endeavors.

Social Support and Family Development

  • Assist the needy based on Apex Mosque financial capacity.
  • Provide trainings and workshops to parents on how to raise children.

Outreach and Civic Engagement

  • Strengthen relationship with neighbors and churches.
  • Encourage Apex Mosque community to engage in society and contribute to its betterment: blood drive, Habitat, elections, etc.

Safety and Security

  • Continue improving the safety and security system.


  • Search for new strategies to increase Apex Mosque financial status.
  • Initiate a campaign to pay off the facility mortgage.